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The Obligatory Super Hole X

Get excited, America and all parts beyond: Super Hole X is upon you. Indeed, this is the tenth time I have expunged all enjoyment from watching the Super Bowl so that I may proffer my opinions on the commercials contained therein to, as always, upwards of two dozen mildly enthused readers.

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How to Work with Your Ad Agency

Perhaps you’re a small business owner who works with an equally small design shop. Maybe you’re a marketing manager at a medium-sized enterprise who continually interacts with a quiver of ad agencies regarding media plans, content calendars and integrated campaigns.... read more

The Language of Brand Irrelevance

It’s been 26 years since the comic strip Dilbert introduced us to the Pointy-Haired Boss. And 16 summers have passed since the movie “Office Space” asked us if we got that memo. (Yes, and we’ll read it right after stapling that cover sheet to our TPS report when we... read more

The Secret Sauce of Super Success

I hope the overly alliterative title tipped you off to the fact that I will not, except possibly in jest, be divulging the recipe to any sort of magical marketing elixir (patent pending). And it’s not because I’m keeping all the sure-fire, sales-inducing snake oil to... read more

Many Happy Returns

What is the point of marketing in general and advertising in particular? This is not a rhetorical question. While the jaded among you might say it’s to employ the lower third of graduating MBA classes, the answer is neither so cynical nor complex. The point of all the... read more
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