Nebraska City

Nebraska City has a lot of things going for it – not that you could tell from their original site. They’re Nebraska’s oldest town; the home of several apple orchards, vineyards and museums; and the epicenter of Arbor Day. So we decided to remind people that the reason settlers first came to Nebraska is still the best reason to visit Nebraska. And since nothing is more Nebraskan than Cornhusker red, that’s what we ran with:

Nebraska City logo on barn

We then set about attacking, with extreme prejudice, the website. The site had to not only attract potential visitors, it also had to serve as the chamber’s membership site. We solved this by giving greater prominence to higher-level members. You want a big photo and picture gallery? Pay up, folks. This involved a lot of back-end work on our part which no one really wants to talk about. The site is now live at

If you’ve bothered to read the copy, you’ve noticed that the tone of voice chosen for Nebraska City is not your typical municipality fare. Our goal was to bypass the cliches associated with tourist sites and reject the language they too often use (Find yourself…anywhere but here). We’re bold. We’re at times grandiose. We are potentially off-putting. But we are never boring, which most small towns are presumed to be.
And now for some banner ads:

The campaign will continue to roll out over the coming months with additional, festival-specific outdoor and digital, delivery truck and building wraps, and more taunting of cities like Decorah, Iowa, via Twitter. Reaction to the campaign was been about 98% extremely positive and 2% pantaloons-in-a-wad. Mission accomplished.

Nebraska City Hail Varsity ad


Design: Nate Perry @ Webster
Web development: Rob Heggen @ Webster

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