In the wake of Whitney Houston’s death on February 11, many renditions of her popular songs have floated across the internet. But this is the only one I’ve bothered watching. Chris Cornell, he of Soundgarden and Audioslave fame, busted out this acoustic version of “I Will Always Love You” at a February 16 concert in in San Francisco. Or it might have been an Obama 2012 rally. (I choose to believe the former, but whatever – I still listen to Fleetwood Mac despite Al Gore.) The fact is, a great artist and a great song almost always equal a great performance. Granted, the song was penned and originally recorded by Dolly Parton, who knows her way around a lyric and melody. And wigs. And rhinestones. And, well, you get the idea. Maybe Cornell should try “How Will I Know” next. And an 80’s perm. I sense a comeback.



Tip o’ the Hole to Chris Reimer (@RizzoTees) for the link.