EAPI’ll admit to being a bit of a grammar Nazi. It’s not that I insist that all body copy be written according to the MLA or Chicago Manual of Style; I just believe in knowing the rules before breaking them for the sake of stylish advertising. And one thing you don’t see a lot of in ad copy is the troublesome semicolon. I would say this is generally a good thing. Why prolong a phrase with such an odd looking glyph when you can use a dash or, if you’re feeling especially jaunty, split the phrase in two with a period?

Still, the semicolon does serve a useful place in non-ad writing. Yet its use has been steadily on the decline. Why? Well, let’s let Paul Collins of Slate explain the mystery with his recent piece “Has Modern Life Killed the Semicolon?” Apparently, Edgar Allan Poe hated the semicolon, feeling he had been gypped out of disemboweling a full colon.

I can already sense the collective boredom of 10,000 art directors.