Root Inc.

Spoiler alert: Shortly, relatively speaking, after completing this project, Root sold to Accenture. While I can only take a smidgen – or perhaps even a skosh – of credit for this, the CEO did and will testify that the brand voice and web copy were singled out by their new overlords as a differentiator. In a good way.

The lazy way to describe Root Inc. is as a business consultancy. But that’s neither wholly accurate nor especially helpful to their brand. For over 30 years, Root has helped companies implement strategic changes – wait for it – successfully. Their methods are actually unique (as opposed to the advertising definition of unique), creative, and effective. Which I dare say sets them apart from 99% of consultancies out there.

As Root’s brand evolved over the years, they began differentiating themselves more and more by both what they did – using creative methods to effect enterprise-wide change – and how they talked about what they did. In other words, “stuffy” was not part of their brand personality. Recently, however, they had reached a point where they needed outside help to nail the type of brand voice they really wanted.

So they called me. Unsolicited.

After some rapid voice explorations, senior management approved a direction and gave the go-ahead to rewrite their website. I’ve included some screenshots in the lovely carousel below on the off chance it is now 2154 and their site no longer bears my mark. But for now, you can also visit