Sometimes, you just have to go full rebrand. Such was the case with Telecom Brokerage, Inc., the nation’s foremost, um, telecom brokerage with headquarters in Chicago. Founded in 1991, the company quickly grew into an industry leader, offering the personal service and friendly contract terms no other (industry jargon alert) master agents would dare. But their branding didn’t keep pace with either their growth or the times. So we went back to basics, taking them through our complete branding process to create a platform, position and voice from which to build as they sought to bring new types of customers into the fold. From there flowed a subtle name change to TBI, a bolder logo and tag line, and a contemporary website (which has since been, umm, adjusted by the client) designed to be a sales tool on the front end and a customer service gateway on the back. In short, the brand is now as modern as the technology services it offers.
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