The Ride Series MTB Skills Clinic

A t-shirt won me a new client.

At the risk of coming across like an “empowering” post on LinkedIn, I actually did kinda sorta land The Ride Series thanks to a t-shirt. Said shirt was worn by me at a private coaching session with Rich Drew, co-founder of TRS, when I took a biking trip to Bentonville, Arkansas. I was sporting said shirt (see the first photo in the carousel below) with the phrase “fight the proliferation of mediocrity,” a nice little mantra I had penned some 20 years prior while working at a large agency. Turned out Rich hates labeling the meh as masterful just as much as I do, and he really dug the shirt.

So when I got back home, I sent him a couple.

Which he wore. A lot. Especially in social media posts and Instagram livestreams. Pardon my British, but I was chuffed.

So I asked him and his wife Sarah, the business brain behind TRS, if they had any plans to redo their website, as I could tell it had been around for a bit. Yes, they said, they had already started on a redesign. So, I suggested that perhaps I could take care of all those pesky nouns and verbs. Perhaps even some participles if I could remember what they were.

So here we are. With a new website with mostly my copy and a brand voice that reflects the Drews and separates TRS from the “let’s toss some cones around a parking lot and call it a class” jackwagons. 

And thanks to Rich, I’m clearing doubles and railing berms like a madman. At least as much as one can living in Nebraska. Perhaps some day I’ll hit Whistler and gape in slack-jawed wonder at Dirt Merchant. Sigh.

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