Wholly Guacamole

Ranch, the condiment, has done a marvelous job through the last few years of turning itself more into a condiment than just a salad dressing. Dip your chicken wings in it. Or your celery. Or tater tots. Or jalapeño poppers. Or toast. Or Tic-Tacs. Whatever. Ranch makes everything tastier. Too bad it’s one of the worst possible things you can stuff in your snack hole. Guacamole, on the other hand, is chock full of flavor and good fats, is low in calories, and – when it’s from Wholly Guacamole – free of preservatives and additives. This site took it straight to the fatty, white devil as it encouraged folks to visit GetOffTheRanch.com The video below walks through the site’s functionality. If only it hadn’t be a short-term promotion so you could experience it for yourself. If only.           Design: Silver Cuellar @ Firehouse Additional writing: Greg Hunter @ Firehouse