I’m not a failed screenwriter who went into advertising as a fallback. I’m an ad writer who chose to become a failed screenwriter on purpose. All scripts are available for production. They’re also copyrighted and registered with the WGA, so no pilfering.

Realistic dialogue is my speciality, if coverage services are to be trusted. Feel free to employ me as a script doctor.



Golden Acres – If you crossed Seinfeld’s parents with “Arrested Development,” you’d end up at Golden Acres. – 11 pages

The Envelope Please – One man learns to be careful for what he asks in this period homage to Rod Serling. – 14 pages

Princess Maggie – A young girl’s window holds the secret to her true identity. – 20 pages

Passers – When cloning is outlawed, only outlaws will have clones. – 12 pages


The Next Big Thing – After a struggling pool cleaner unwittingly gets tagged as Hollywood’s new “It Boy,” he finds himself fighting the trappings of instant celebrity and a ruthless paparazzo in order to rescue his nascent career and, more importantly, the love of America’s Sweetheart. 102 pages

The Roaring – A skeptical professor witnesses his wife’s suicide, triggering his long-repressed ability to see evil incarnate.  But when he learns his estranged teenage daughter may have inherited his “gift,” he discovers that saving her from a rogue preacher’s apocalyptic machinations may be the secret to his own redemption.  – 104 pages



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