I’ve loved Porsche cars since I was 13 years old. Our neighbor at the time was a dentist, and he made the wise decision to trade in some root canal graft (and an ’84 Corvette) for a silver 944 Turbo – a model that debuted that year. It was, without a doubt, the coolest car I had ever been allowed near in my nascent existence. Then my neighbor let my dad drive it while I shoehorned my increasingly lanky frame into the munchkin seats in back. My dad, a cop, proceeded to pull what felt like 18 g’s around a cloverleaf and cracked triple digits. It was slightly more exciting than the 1980 Pinto station wagon we were then tooling about it.

Now Cramer-Krasselt has developed a new campaign for the marque; a sample spot is embedded below. My own favorite spot from Porsches’ past is also embedded. Featuring a nine-year-old, pre-sulleness Kristen Stewart, this spot captures something I hope to share with my daughter some day. Namely, a love of German-engineered speed. This spot narrowly beat out a Patrick Stewart-narrated bit about Porsche engineers tooling about the Nürburgring for fun (I couldn’t find a version of it online).





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