For most of us, I’d wager not a day goes by that we don’t look around and mutter to ourselves, “What is wrong with this world?” The answer is frighteningly simple: moral relativism. As clear distinctions between what is good and what is bad have been eroded in the names of political correctness and open-mindedness and so-called fairness, society has faltered. Wait, that sounds like it’s merely stubbed its toe. Society has fallen. When nothing is really right or wrong, is this outcome surprising?

The video embedded below is a trailer of sorts for a six-part series from the Colson Institute and the Witherspoon Institute entitled “Doing the Right Thing.” The series attempts to tackle the knotty subject of ethics in society. Neither the series nor the trailer feature explosions, Batman or a voice over talent resembling Don LaFontaine – let alone Ossie Davis or Danny Aiello. Yet I find it fascinating nonetheless. Give it a look. Maybe you will, too.