When, about six weeks ago, a few nice bits were written about @leeclowsbeard, its impending (and now released) book and my role as the ’fro behind the Beard, I was commonly referred to as “a freelance copywriter from Dallas.” Technically, that description was correct. However, I wish they could have added, “who no longer wishes to remain either freelance or (probably) from Dallas.”

Yes, after seven years in Big D – roughly four of those on my own – the time has come to seek new adventures. The folks here are quite nice, but we are pasty people who don’t tolerate the heat well. (Of course, the right gig could pay for a lot of a/c.)

So, I need a job. Perhaps you need a Beard. Read on:

Location: My wife and I are Midwesterners, and it’d be nice to stay in fly-over country. But we find many other parts of the country quite charming, as well. Some even have decent barbecue. So assume nothing. Email is virtually free, after all.

Agency: I don’t care about size. Honest. I’ve been at places large and tiny, and understand that culture trumps numbers. I don’t care if I’m one of a thousand people trying to help build upon a 100-year-old legacy, or one of ten trying to build one from scratch. As long as you’re constructing something tangible and not just holding meetings about it. I don’t even care if you’re an ad agency. I do care if you’re actually producing good work. I care if you have a plan. I care if you treat people as people and not as so much grist for the mill. Frankly, I just want to work with smart people doing smart things that either make our (hopefully smart) clients look even smarter, or creating smart stuff for end users to marvel over. In a nutshell, I want to work at a place that embodies the spirit of Buddy Lee. Only now Buddy has a Twitter feed rivaling The Biebs and makes his own overalls on a 3D printer.

Jargon: As little as possible.

Meetings: As few as necessary. Preferably held while standing up. With pastry as needed.

Politics: I prefer bluntness to mind games, if you hadn’t noticed.

Me: I’m not a traditional guy or a digital guy or the already-clichéd hybrid guy. I’m an idea guy. Ideas are my playground and words my preferred (but not exclusive) dodgeball weapons of choice. If you’re unfamiliar with my work, take a look around this site. Or this one. Or even this one. If you want to know my approach to advertising, well, there are over 800 @leeclowsbeard tweets that spell it out pretty well. It may be named after Mr. Clow’s facial hair, but it’s 100% my voice. (It just happened to sound an awful lot like Lee’s. Lucky me.)

So, if you’re interested in someone to join your fight against the proliferation of mediocrity, give Lee’s Buy Now button a click (or email jfox-at-jasonfox.net). I’ll keep the spam filter set to mild.