In my never-ending quest to make managing my digital presence easier, I’ve finally found a way to consolidate my blog (The AdHole), my portfolio ( and my Who is Jason Fox bio o’ wackiness ( onto one main site. After years of using Dreamweaver to produce a workable, if pain-in-the-rump-to-update, site, I’ve migrated everything over to So far, so good. I attempted this same convergence last month with a site, but it’s own way of pulling in video and photo feeds made it less practical for portfolio management. Still a cool service, though. Just not quite robust enough for me.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new home and slightly new look. And I hope to never have to fish around in WordPress PHP files ever again. On the downside, if you had subscribed to receive updates when I posted a new blog, that functionality is now gone. Along with my built-in comment spam filtering. Great.

That is all. I shall continue ranting forthwith.