Fox Christmas CardWell, we’re loading up the family truckster and heading to lovely Independence, Missouri, tomorrow to spend Christmas with my family. From there it’s on to extreme southeast Iowa to commune with Megan’s people on the farm. Eat. Bloat. Repeat.

Are we crazy to drive 1,500 miles round trip with a pair of 11-month-old nutjobs in the wayback? Perhaps, but it must be done. Sadly, since we have eschewed minivan ownership for the moment, there will be no space on this trip for Pancake, the Cutest Dog Ever Created by the Lordâ„¢. But he’ll probably have more fun being boarded than dodging the rampaging feet of assorted cousins.

Personally, I can’t wait to get out of north Texas for a bit. Even if we’re driving to the frozen tundra of Argyle, Iowa, at least we’ll see some trees. And the kiddos will meet a lot of folks they’ll promptly forget.

So, until we return, you’ll have to make do with the other 64,892 advertising blogs on the intertubuals. Good luck with that.

And since I don’t have everyone’s snail mail addresses (plus, I’m cheap), click on the tiny photo above to get your official Fox family Christmas card. Suitable for printing, framing and spamming.

And if you’re still looking for that last-minute gift – or just want to do something that truly is in the spirit of the season – click here.

Merry Christmas,