My disdain for’s advertising tactics is no secret to those who know me – either in real life or through this blog. Every year, in my Obligatory Super Hole review of the game’s commercials, I automatically give the company’s spots F-minuses and forgo linking to the YouTube clips. This year was no exception. Also in this year’s sexist crosshairs was Teleflora, which ran an ad to which I gave a one-word review: Telewhora.

Thousands, and probably millions, of others feel as I do. But I’m linking to this blog from GSD&M writer Carlotta Stankiewicz because she is, wait for it, a woman and fellow ad writer. And she works in close proximity to three former colleagues, all of whom I hope she harasses. Not sexually, of course. Carlotta’s post is an open letter to the female CMO’s of and Teleflora questioning their highly questionable decisions to objectify women sexually for the sake of commerce. Which isn’t a new problem. But it is one that needs to go away.

And don’t get me started on Victoria’s Secret window displays in malls frightening my four-year-olds.