It’s no secret that we’ve recently doubled the number of humans living within our household. And this domestic expansion necessitates other changes, as well. Namely, I must forego the life of a freelancer and return to the agency world.

Frankly, I’m glad.

Freelancing has been a nice break, after 13 non-stop years of ad agency hijinx and assorted wackiness. But let’s be honest, the freelancer rarely gets to produce anything besides the copy file. No radio ad production. Certainly no TV. You might see the print proofs (if a PDF counts as proof, which it doesn’t).

I’m ready to dive back into the ad pool, snap my neck on the bottom and wake up paralyzed with briefs (creative, that is), brand promises, viral campaigns that won’t infect the twins and anything else that has to do with the joy we call advertising.

But to do that, somebody needs to hire me.

Depending on how your agency is structured, I could be anything from a senior writer to a group head. I still crave doing the work, but could handle pure management if it involves hands-on (i.e., slapping) mentoring. Or give me no management responsibility. I’m flex like that.

The key, of course, is the work. And that can be found here along with many recommendations from non-paid endorsers.

I can’t guarantee a Cannes Lion if you bring me on. I can only guarantee you’ll have a better shot.

And besides, who makes a better employee than a motivated new dad?

If you’re interested, shoot me an email at jfox – at –