The folks at Brew: A Creative Collaborative in Minneapolis know their stuff. Founders Bruce Bildsten and Michelle Fitzgerald are former Fallon stars (an ECD and Strategist, respectively) who helped produce work you’ve actually heard of and sought out (BMW Films, anyone?). Now at their own shop, the pair, along with some other talented folks within their agency and the production community, have produced a video that seeks to help, not sell. In memory of the I-35 bridge collapse, the piece encourage people to remember the tragedy and donate to The Minnesota Helps Bridge Disaster Fund.

The video was shot using a digital SLR with a little extra magic done in post. It’s fantastic.

And as someone who got married in Minneapolis and still has many friends (originally my wife’s, but I think they like me, too) up there, it makes me glad that my almost-adopted hometown is full of people like this.

Click on the photo or here to view the piece, entitled “Glow.”